We invite you to look at our company and the topic steel through the eyes of a painter and to watch it from an extraordinary perspective. We would like to surprise you with a new motif each year.

We hope to have made you curious and look forward to continue this artistic journey within the next year.

Site map, 2019

This year we support KIWANIS Solingen. In particular the project “Giving warmth”. In cooperation with day-care centres and the “Solinger Tafel” (a food bank), warm winter clothing is given to selected children. Unfortunately, warm winter clothing is not a matter of course for every child.

Alliance, 2018

This year we are supporting the new construction of the „Strohner Bridge“ in Solingen. The „Strohner Bridge“, in the Hoehscheid district, is a part of one of the most important hiking trails in the region of „Bergisches Land“. Other companies and many citizens of Solingen have responded to the call and have also committed themselves to this grand project. Completion ist planned for 2019.

Steel beams, 2017

This year we support the FELIX Kids-Club in Solingen. For many years now, through a lot of heart and soul and personal commitment, the kids club has been able to realize a free offer to support social interaction for children, which has attracted great interest. The FELIX Kids-Club was faced with the great challenge of finding a new place to stay and was able to open it in October 2017.

We would be pleased if you would take a look at this extraordinary project.

The Steel grider, 2016

Donation to the Galileum Solingen.

Dialog, 2015

Donation to the Municipal Integration Center of Solingen.

Constellation, 2014

Donation to the Galileum Solingen.

Clock rate, 2013

Donation to the zoo Fauna in Solingen.

Depot, 2012

Donation to the German Red Cross in Solingen.

Andre Peer,

was born in 1960 in Wuppertal (Germany).

His works have been shown in numerous presentations and exhibitions since 1981.

His paintings are owned by the city of Solingen, the Johannes Rau Collection, TÜV Rheinland and WGZ Bank Luxembourg.

Wall paintings were created for EADS in Ulm and the "Grand Bateau" in Düsseldorf.

Silkscreens and overprints, e. g. for Elf Mineralöl, Deutscher Anwalt Verlag, Ispat Industries Ltd. India and Zhujiang Steel, China.


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